FAITH47 Landfill Meditation

Landfill Meditation by Dane Dodds is a short video inspired by Faith47’s street paste series of broken down cars.

Landfill Meditation doesn’t chronicle the creation of the murals but rather contextualizes them, linking the abandoned cars to other objects and spaces once loved and desired, then later discarded.

“The broken cars are too me, a reflection on the notion of progress and the waste that it leaves behind, this is about integrating the worst parts of ourselves, and acknowledging the damage we do to the planet as a part of who we are” says Faith47.

Landfill Meditation makes for uncomfortable viewing: rather than the usual postcard view of Cape Town or Johannesburg, Dane’s camera lingers on the unsettling imagery of rats and rubbish, decomposing birds and derelict, hijacked buildings.

“We cannot separate ourselves clean and perfect from the trash we dump out back,” says the video’s voiceover, adapted from Native American author Gerald Vizenor’s short story collection, Landfill Meditation. “Being clean is a delusion.”

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