At Sirius Tales we produce film, radio, journalism and art

Dane Dodds – Artist, director and photographer

Born free in 1994, Dane is a South African director who has been making film since he was five. He is born and raised on a farm in the Klein Karoo. Straight out of high school he joined award-winning Cape Town production company Fly on The Wall as a resident artist. With his own production company, he is now one step closer to his goal of shooting the first feature film on the moon.

Lars Kristian Overland – Producer, music maker and writer

Born in 1983 deep in a fjord in Western Norway, Lars has studied political science at University of Cape Town, University of Tromsø and University of California, Berkeley. He has given up his life in the bureaucracy and become a film producer and writer. He is also a DJ who plays dusty soul from 45’s and prefers his techno as minimal as possible.

Rasmus Nielsen Bitsch – Journalist, radio producer and writer

Born just before Chernobyl blew up in 1986 under the radioactive rain in Denmark, Rasmus grew up to become a storyteller of the fatalistic. He is a journalist and writer covering a wide range of topics. Among them traumatized soldiers trying to heal in the Peruvian jungle, local politics in Denmark, economic development in Mozambique and occult murders in Johannesburg.

Niklas Berning – Businessman, producer

Born in 1985 in the former Bundesrepublik of Western Germany, Nik loves Excel sheets and numbers that add up. He makes a mean veggie chilli and makes sure your glass is not half empty. Nik always pays his debts.

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